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Video Tributes

"Honor Outstanding Achievement"


Is your organization or someone within it about to celebrate an anniversary?

Are you planning an award ceremony to recognize outstanding performance?

Are any colleagues getting ready to retire after years of dedication and loyalty?

We’ll create a Video Tribute to honor the outstanding achievement!

The Video Tribute will tell the story of the individual being honored. We can interview current or past colleagues to hear their comments along with their heartwarming and often funny stories about the person. Video footage, photographs, articles, awards, and other memorabilia can be added to complete the presentation. Graphics, narration, and music can also be added.

The Video Tribute can be shown at award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, or retirement gatherings. It’s a wonderful and greatly appreciated way to honor those special people in your organization.

Video Tributes are also very affordable! Whatever your budget is, we’ll work within it to give you a wonderful way to honor outstanding achievement.